Sunday, October 22, 2006 ??

My computer-mouth stands evidence to some overtime googling. There is a stark coffee smell on the smiling-family-picture-mouthpad in addition to what my husband refers to as the 'shiny area' on the mouth itself - a result of the stuff I munched on while oogling at the screen (won't even talk about that, it's just gonna take me down another food-related guilt trip. I've definitely been feeding one mouth too many.)

It started when I began googling the word 'satmar' for a work-related project. I alternated with 'satmEr' and 'chassid'. I needed some pictures to put into a document. No biggie.

Turned out, I discovered a gold mine. Being a chassidic girl, I thought we all utilize the web for the same reason. To get access to the news and information we're cut off from. There's mostly mainstream reporting but sometimes, I'll admit, there's stuff a little off my mainstream. Either way, I wouldn't exactly doublya-doublya for the Chassidic Bible. I have enough without the wire...

I was shocked to see how the web is a feeding tube for all Chassidic souls that have struggled with a community that does not acknowledge all sorts of people. What bothered me though was that there is no one to balance the boat. All young women and boys that are happily following the instruction sheet for life, and derive great innocence and comfort thereof, do not air any of their laundry online. Therefore, when one googles the word Satmar, like myself, you get hundreds of result pertaining to either the rift (let's not go there) or the restrictions. Consequently, the online Satmar has formed into a body resembling nothing of the innocence and happiness that our community actually consists of. As much open minded as I tried to be, deep down, I know it's not us.

No. I'm not one of the people blessed with 'innocence'. I've been out of here, returned, dubbed a 'bum' and later struggled to catch up with the robotic pace. With the help of DSL I now learnt that I'm considered a conformist. Baruch hashem for that. Identity crisis is just not something I can afford to put onto my to-do list.

Over shabbos I've been sitting on all the info I found on the web. The girl that asks questions on Yahoo Answers like "What do you think about Jews?" and then "Where can I get a small, cheap TV?". She later admits to being 18 and mostly unfamiliar with the details of sex. That makes her one of 'us'.
There's a blog that posted a newspaper piece. To sum it up, the piece suggested that the Kiryas Joel officials 'sent somebody' to sexually molest a girl, for political reasons. I'll tell ya, I wasn't sure what surprised me more, the article itself or the fact that all the eager listeners bought the shtism. They celebrated the garbage.
There's a blog, gay-ex-choosid, by a guy that was forced to leave our community because of the judgment we easily pass at others that are not template. I feel sorry for him, but I don't buy that he screws with MANY other chassidish men and knows that many men have other women while their till-death-do-us-part is in the Catskills.

Child molestation, wife beaters, extramarital relations, gay, lesbian, atheist, murder, drug abusers, mafia - - whatnot. It's all online. Almost the guide to proper chassidis.It's good we have a shabbos. One disconnected day helped wake up. There are no regular wife-beater. There are no regular 'wife swaps'. Tempted by the thrilling monster of gossip, I almost believed all of it.

Not that I'm suggesting this is the Tribe of Saints. No, no, no. Don't get me wrong. But it isn't the Tribe of Monsters either. Most people I know are innocents. Those that are not close their front door and cheat a little, with a movie - a book, a getaway - or clothing that's really inappropriate.

I myself, hmm, am a sad story in its own. I wish I could say my house is ready for audit, from above or those that have mistaken themselves as the representatives of above. But yes, I do stuff. I'm open minded. I listen to stories of 'brenen in gehinem' because of certain minor deeds and I think "what crap". I consider any good person a good person, regardless of observance. However, by means of learning more about cultures and ethnicities I have come to the conclusion that the Satmar society produces a high volume of good people.

The end justifies the means?

The big picture does away with the little mistakes?


Anonymous said...

hi baby,
it's just so YOU. i knew you'd end up testing the water's in blogsphere... when you first discovered and yippeed with delight at the sight of a picture of naked chassidim, i knew i was in deep sh**. turns out i'm starting to think this has some real potential.
there are some issues you should air. i promise i'll comment, i'm eager to read all you have to say!

i'm glad you finally agree that most of the internet stuff on satmar are so exxagerated.

hug and a kiss, my love. (and some more gesters i can't name). keep it comin....

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

Do I have to beg you to capitalize??

Don't think my post suggests that you are now done digging up dirt. i want to know every gay love story in kiryas joel. alright, i'm lowering the bar of expectation. i want to know one at least. i don't want to miss all the gossip! you gotta feed the yenta!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shpitzle,

Believe it or not, my gay life style as well as my first boyfriend started in the chasidic community. he has the white socks and all.

i also know many gay chasidim. the reason most people don't know about it is obvious, it needs to be kept IN THE CLOSET.

Anonymous said...

איך הויב אויף מיינע הענט צום רבונוי של עולם בורך השם אז סיז געבוירן געווארן א נייע שפיצעל וואס קען אינז אלע אויפקלערן אין ווייזן די אמתדיגע שיינקייט אין ליכטיגקייט וואס סאטמאר באשטייט פין,

אינז זענען דאך נעבעך סטאם ליידיג גייערס וואס זוכען נאר צי באשמוצין אין בארעדען סאטמאר

איך ווינטש דיר פיל הצלחה טייערע פרוי שפיצעל

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Blogworld - the good, the bad, and the ugly!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Spitzel girl!
Welcome to the place where u can express yourself without getting
"your nuts" look. I'm so grateful to have had the courage to leave that crazy norrowminded culture.
Keep reading, i like to get books from the library. Most things they taught me is crap, i believe. I'm beating to my own drum, its very hard especially when my parents are not supportive and i think the might consider sitting shiva soon! lol.
so keep researching, it might get a lil scary, its ok, u deserve to feel free within. Shaindy

I'll write to u when i got more time. Questions? i can relate my 7 yrs experience anytime.

Hoezentragerin said...

Woman, you're gooooood.
Keep it coming

Hoezentragerin said...

woman, you're *good*
Keep it coming

Anonymous said...

Hope you will do a better job than this peice of crap

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Bloggers world:

A blog of an intelligent yenta, is not something we have yet to expeirence, I am sure it would be fun.

May I suggest to Yoilish, to control himself in public.

shlomohamelech said...


Anonymous said...

Yes we all are gonna brenin in g'henim (i leave it up to g-d to do the judging) glad I am not the only satmara out here in blog world...

You're funny! Welcome to blog tumana city!!!

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

Thank ya'all for commenting!

Gay-Ex-Choosid: Please, dish out ALL the dirt! The white-tights combo with the idea of a gay affair gives me... (stopping here)

Yiddish Anon: I'm not sure if that's a compliment, but either way...
Also, I would suggest you learn to type English. You hear Yoelish? You too! It's good to learn the culture.

It's All Good Now: Thanks! I must say, this all is mighty tempting!

Anon2: We definetly share a boat. Unlike Gay-Ex-Choosid's warm feelings to his family, I'd have none to mine if I'd be Gay or Ex... Share it all!

Hozentragerin: I've seen your posts on other sites but can't figure your gender.
BTW I prefer Goooood over *good*.

Rechosen: Constructive criticism tends to be more specific.

Ex-Blogger: Let Yoelish express it. Taking it outside the twin size bed is important after a few years of marriage.

Jewishbifemme: I believe god loves us as long as we don't hurt anyone. I don't think you're right

Hoezentragerin said...

Shpizel, you don't read mame looshen?

Guess I'm waaaay more woman than most can handle :)

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

Hoezentragerin: Great pseudonym!

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

I'd like to add a request that you share good titles with us.

also, I've seen many bloggers that give you the 'you're nuts' feeling.

Anonymous said...

Hi there Rebbetzin Shpitzel.

I just came upon you blog after your comment on mine, and my reacion was "wow..!!" Your views on things - at least from this first post I just read - are not far from my own.

I'll have to read all of your posts, and check back often, bli neder.

"Brenen in gehenem" is not something I'd joke about, S'char V'oinesh are in the 'Ani mamin' principles of a beliver. But one can always hope to reppent and be better one day, so not to have to bren in gehenem hopefully, iy"h

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

You're right that we shouldn't take what's in the afterlife lightly but we do exactly that when we scare ourselves that we'll be punished forever on every little thing.
There's justice up there. Not just punishment.

Anonymous said...

Interestingn blog. I wonder if I know you. There was another good writer in Satmar besides me? Vill ich vissen ver dus iz...

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

Never read your blog, zull es ruen in lichtig gan eden, but I did hear about you in my short one-week life on blogger. Seems you were a legend.

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

Of course I exaggerate. Writing is the art of expressing yourself and my style comes with a light, humorous feel that takes the situation slightly out of proportion but still sends a message. Can't you handle that?

As for knowing each other, I don't know you, just read about you on some blogs. I betya I'm not on your list of prospects if you know me.

I do hope you'll post your comments even if you object as I'd like to have a variety of true Chassidic opinions.