Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Women's Rights 'n Lefts

I don’t usually curse. I’m above that. Today I’m in an especially brazen mood. I feel like kicking a few dirty words around. Like, Gasp, “Slow down!, whatch**t!, care****!" . Or how about “Oh god, oh god, OH GOD!”

Fingers planted in your ears yet?

I learned these and a couple more of the sort during my days in the back part of the car. Yes, I’m a backseat driver. I'm sorry to let you down like this. You'll have to learn to live with who I am. A lowly backseat driver.

From as far back as I can recall, my mother sat in the station wagon patrolling my father’s swivels from lane to lane. (my ol' man isn’t much of a pilot himself). Mammi would bite on her tongue as if her mouth has been stuffed with towels and offer up some urgent prayer in odd yiddish. When Yoelish took to the wheel, I assumed the matriarchal role.

When we're out in the car, my fingers grovel into the armrests if he is in a rush, in hopes that my nails will find brakes to press onto. Sometimes when he’s calmly looking up street signs without a clue as to where he is, I just want to remove the steering wheel and take a long walk home. I swallow a short stop with just a tiny screech escaping my mouth. I sit on his outdated newspapers and ignore the empty Snapple bottles lying around on the floor. During every ride I say tefilos haderech with kevana, praying to hashem that I shouldn’t be tempted to commit the sin of being a backseat driver.

I’d like to think that Satmar women are so esteemed, they are chauffeured around. Such a Yiddish kroyn as her must be pampered. My Service loads me onto a pair of wheels and I’m driven in a royal carriage from door to door.

It’s a wonderful life. Just kick your pumps off and enjoy the ride. I’ll be in the seat behind you, on the Sharmash bus, relishing the odor of your foot-airing. Meanwhile I'll be multitasking; exasperatingly trying to control the volume on the custom stereo system I own called children. I try to straighten the seat up, lie it down, settle myself in a corner, shift to the other side and massage my own back because it hurts like hell. I’ll be more than delighted when another shpitzle woman spreads her belongings out beside me, after asking me to move the baby from the seat to my lap. She has so many things to share with me about the family of the kallah, I can’t help but listen with boundless enthusiasm. As we ride on the FDR, every move is a blessing from god. The bus jumps up, and I am thrust to the ceiling. I land with a few little bounces. It’s the experience of a lifetime…

There’s more where those luxuries came from.

I have a private escort service called Yoelish. It needs to be ordered to a place an hour before the actual time of departure for it is sometimes a little too busy preparing its limos for me, to be punctual. When I decide to go somewhere from one minute to the next, the Yoelish agents advise me to spend a few days walking to the destination, while they get ready to pick me up for return.

It’s not like all these royalties limit my opportunity for real-people activities . Nuh uh. Just for the kick of it I sometimes saddle up a carriage and push it up and down Lee Avenue. It’s thrilling. I huff and puff, begging the walking kids to hold onto the sides. Winter is carriage-racing high season. I have such a merry time walking-walking-walking, through snow or just smoke-breathing frost, I feel sorry for the men strapped up in their 'taxis'.

Take the keys. It's not gonna stop me from having the ride of my life.


Anonymous said...


Chaim Chusid said...

Madame Pointe,

Great post! As usual!

When were you ever in my car?

I remain,

Baal Habos said...

LOL, you seem to be the master of the double entendre.

Chaim Chusid said...

Grand Patron,

entendre- as in the french verb?

Je Suis

SemGirl said...

Every one of your posts are funnier than the last. You are the queen of the heimishe blogs..

Anonymous said...

You? Snapple?

Anonymous said...

And please tell me I'm not the only one who has used the dashboard as the passenger-side set of brakes. Then again Shpitzle, do you ever get to sit in the front near your husband?

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

Anon – fxd. thx.

Caim Cusid – a couple of weeks ago… remember?
Au lavujia

Baal Habos – there is an urgent request for more info on the ‘entendre’. Master must get to know her constituents…

SemGirl – Thank you… Flattered… Now let me fix my royal Shpitzle…

IA GN – I think there’s Kosher Snapple nowadays. Diet Snapple. They have a hechsher.
I don’t drink Coke though.

LOL where you put your breaks!!! That’s the best part of riding shotgun! You can place your invisible breaks wherever you see fit…

Wearywife – ha, ha, ha! I’m tickling myself silly here (falling off the chair) just at the thought of driving off with his car one night, him clueless as to where the car walked off. But hey, how do I get to the motor vehicle?

Does anyone know why frum chassidish women are not allowed to drive?

Chaim Chusid said...

Madame Pointe,

They ARE allowed to drive!


Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

Allowed by whom? The mosdes that won't accept your children if you drive?

Chaim Chusid said...


Every mosod has female drivers.


David_on_the_Lake said...

the charmed life indeed...
I absolutely detest back street drivers..and usually try shocking them into submission within the first 5 minutes of the drive..lol

Anonymous said...

Shpitzle, a slip of the tongue is the truth of the mind. You ased why "frum chassidish" women are not allowed to drive, and I say to you that they ARE. But in the chassidish velt, it's those women who are perceived by others to be less frum, they are the usual drivers.

Anonymous said...

cuz it's more frum to stand around groceries asking strange men for rides...
excuse me, are you going down rt. 306? I could have a ride?
is it true you cant get your kids into school if Mom drives?
Wow! what will they think of next?

Anonymous said...

Simply, because we think it's cool.

your ok im ok said...

i love driving my lil car around, i feel like a person, independant, competant.
i think the guys who made up these rules, shaving, no driving musta be scared of women, or hated them, who knows. remember its only a damn chumra!

Anonymous said...

You must know JBF then. Is she the only one that drives in Willi?

Independent Frum Thinker said...

I think they feel that it isn't proper to allow the women so much freedom and independence.

You have excellent literary skills, Mrs. Shpitzle.

chchick said...

I have a cuz who moved from Willie to BP and took up driving. When she first started to drive she lived in fear of her sisters in law and parents lest G-d forbid she should be caught. I think they've gotten over it by now.

Any other rules? I heard that there was an issur for women to talk on cell phones on the street. Is this true or is it a Bobbe Meise?

Anonymous said...

Would be kool to see a shpitzle drive a Hummer.

Shpitzle of couse you cant drive, or else I am positive we wont have a blog to read....

Anonymous said...

Dear Shpitzle,

LOL @ cursing you are such a tease!

Another Intelligent, thought provoking, absolutely funny post...

Try it you might enjoy being independent!

Other day I couldn't drive had to take the BP bus (hate it) my heart almost dropped how women struggling to close baby carriages before boarding the bus while holding a child in each arm! Wont it be easier to drive themselves?

Some guys suggested to my husband I become a car service..Press #1 for men..Press #2 for women..

I do drive my shpitzle friends to Monroe etc..

As for DMV.. There is one at the same building as Daffy's.. I took my license there..People think you just went shopping..


Why women don't drive?

Don't want to come off as a raging feminist, But in our world women have almost no rights..Its all about the men!!!!

No drinking
No driving
No smoking (eww)
No cell phones
No hair (head)
No career
I could list all day..

Bottom line we need more rights without being labeled an oisvarf!!!

Anonymous said...

This is one 'frum' issue of my lil shteitel that DRIVES ME INSANE, makes me puff like an exhaust pipe and sends me screeching through the streets. I can live with anything else- really i can. No denim, no long skirts, no red.. but driving?!! DRIVING!?! Hell no!! WHY OH WHY in my darling lil neighbourhood will a single gal have difficulty in finding a shidduch if she drives?!! Do the boys out there prefer to marry a girl who's been raped on the streets just to avoid an independant girl with an engine!?!? Im the kinda gal that gets my way when it comes to my old man.. but when it comes to driving i can beg... i can plead...i can run naked through the streets... but the only response i get is 'u drive me up the wall already..thats enough driving till u get married' Gee thanks dad.

ggggg said...

lol. Amusing post, as usual. I can't imagine life without being able to drive though.

Anonymous said...


Another funny post!

I am generally a conservative guy when it comes to uphold our way of life, but this driving thing truly bothers me to no end.

There is really no formal oposition to women driving and the Rabbis hardly ever say something about it if at all.

[It should also be mentioned that the truly truly frummie men don't drive either. A truly' frum man means,one who is so holy that he p*sses 'sheymen zaa'is' instead of plain urine! Excuse my french...]

I have sugested, begged and even offered to pay for driving lessons but my haimishe dear rebetzin won't hear of it. She has 'shidichem' do make; and as it was mentioned you might be able to do 'just' fine shiduchim but it still knocks a notch off your pyramid of points of being a 'nice' mechiteneste and 'feine' mishpuche.

My wife is not a back seat driver, I consider that extremely dangerous. But she is the boss, sorry strike that, she is the 'dictator' of the car. When she comes in the care, she does a quick inspection and every little 'shmutz' every tiny reciept laying around she's got to know right now! whats this? whats that?

While driving if she hears a 'knock' a 'crank' she percks up:
Vus iz dus?
I am not a machanic how should I know?
But she smells trouble long before I get stranded on the Taconic Parkway, in middle of a hot summers night, and she always says: "ich hob dir gezugt, check it out"

Can I promise a ride to anybody going to willie?? forgetaboutit!

She comes out of a chasene hall with 6 lady "freinds" [all class mates of course, or freinds of her class mates] who each individually needs to be dropped off in front of their homes and with me 'seeing' them walking in. [its the only legit reason for a hasid man to have a prolonged view without being looked at as a pervert.]

Yes I might be the driver but the boss of this thing called 'car' is all hers!

I say:
טו די אהן די הויזען מאך די קידוש און דרייוו אליין!!!

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

Sir Caim, let’s differentiate between having the ‘none’ removed from your ID and actually being able to drive yourself to the store. I don’t care to have license. I care to drive a car.

Can do THATt ‘round here?

David – Seems I shouldn’t count on your services for my next chasana to Monroe.

IA GN – My 9th grade teacher taught us that ‘seshtyt’ that women are not allowed to ride a horse, hence, today’s horses; cars. That makes for “not allowed” according to my learning.

Megapixel – I’d rather walk from Brooklyn to Miami than make myself at home in the back of every stranger’s car. Sometimes it can be very intrusive. You want a quiet ride home with your husband from wherever and epes a lady makes herself comfortable on your hospitality. It’s not always right.

YO IO – Good for you! I’m J :(

Independent Frum Thinker – They give the women all the freedom to raise the children, why don’t we get any tools to do that?

How am I supposed to get my boy off to chedar if he missed the bus?

Ch Ck – I think what they’re getting to is banning women from using technology. Cell phones are sexual, somehow. Now girls shouldn’t use computers…

We’re coming around. We’ll be in the 1700s in no time.

Ex-blogger – Hemmmmm. Honk when you see a shpitzle!

No, I don’t drive.

JBF – oish, you’re waking the feminist inside me!

They’re piling rules anyplace there is a woman. Maybe if the women would speak up there wouldn’t be so many rules.

For instance, why did the sheitle women allow their men to make a bon-fire with their headcovering?

I detest watching women struggle to get onto the bus. It makes me angry till I’m blind. A yungermantchikl jumps onto the bus first and idly watches through the window the woman juggling a whole family, a carriage and some bags. Men, why can’t you help?

I remember once, a few years ago, going out in a blizzard. I had two kids in a twin carriage and had to run out. There were no taxis available in such a weather. Since the side-walks were impossible with all the snow, I walked at the side of the road for a lil bit. I’ll never forget the angry mister that zoomed by, honked, backed up and yelled at me “vooz vilstee, deech hargenen???”

If he really feared for my life, why didn’t it occur to him to offer a lift?

Oh, no. No lifts for women. 15 year old overweight boys don’t walk more than a block because the lift-service is all over but women? Nah. Pregnant, five children, freezing… doesn’t make an excuse for a lift…

Just offer it for the concept. I want to feel like a human being.

Senoirita – Reminds me of our problem with the bochurim. A boy that ‘drives’ is a big X. Alright, driving for a young boy can have a lot of disadvantages but driving without a permit or license have a lot of disadvantages too.

Lakevent – Count your blessings…

JK - Thanks for a hysterical, absolutely true male perspective on this issue...

yingerman said...

Mrs Shpitz
I've reading your blog for while, and it seemed to me that you were the shtoltz role model for shpitzles everywhere.
The responses given here seem to belie that.
Please don't let us down, please don't take the liberals to destroy your temimus.
(too heavy?)

about the driving, I thought it was poshut that a erlich frau would not be comfortable
1 gunning it
2 asking a fremda for directions
3 shmoozing up the mechanic
4 pumping gas (picture a shpitzle at the pump-LOL)
5 getting stopped by a fremda cop
6 please dont take this wrong, but women have been known to get frazzled easier than men, think about getting around manhatten, fighting traffic, no way i'd let spoucy do that

now about the giving a lift to fremda frauen, uuuuh I dont think ess past, really.
I do hold open the door for a woman pushing a carriage, more often than not, even getting a thank you.
I think we're conditioned to shy away from the opposite sex
not really as rude, more just being accustomed.

Hoezentragerin said...

"Just offer it for the concept. I want to feel like a human being."

Honestly Shpizel, if a chasidish guy stops and offers you a ride, would you accept it?
I wouldn't

Anonymous said...

1 gunning it
2 asking a fremda for directions
3 shmoozing up the mechanic
4 pumping gas (picture a shpitzle at the pump-LOL)
5 getting stopped by a fremda cop
6 please dont take this wrong, but women have been known to get frazzled easier than men, think about getting around manhatten, fighting traffic, no way i'd let spoucy do that

AHHHHH!!! Is this how men view women as? I think we are perfectly fine in traffic...We could speed on a race track and win..

Rather women drive to Manhattan then you a chasidish yingerman!!! To much to see!!!

What happens when a female cop stops you? you flirt your way out of a ticket?

I hate it when men like you say that " I wont let my spoucy" Like you have all the freedom and she does not cause she happens to be a woman!

Your spoucy can handle it!!!

Oh I really sound like a feminist!!

I am with hoezen!! To freaky to go into a strangers car!!

Hey shpitz, need a lift?

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

Yingerman - ouch...

I'm afraid I'll have to step down from my role as 'role model'...

I think I can drive and avoid 5 of the 6. Meanwhile, why can men ask ME for directions?

Hoezn - Probably not, but it'll make me feel like somebody cares. I'm not asking for a ride anytime. If I'm nine month pregnant or the tempature is like 100 or -5 I would appreciate an offer. Just the offer.

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

JBF - thanks for the offer.
It was worth opening a blog to hear someone care.

Anonymous said...

couple of things to add:
I knew a guy who did not allow his wife and daughters to drive. He did not want them to be a "yatzonis", always running out, rather stay in the home...bake kokosh cake... okay. so whenever there was a sale in syms or lord and taylor he would have to take them, and sit in the parked car with his seforim for hours while they shopped. very nice. having to take your wife and kids everywhere is bitul torah, the guy should be learning if not at work.
shpitzel, you are right, if you are given a job, you should have the tools to do that job well. its stupid. there is nothing inherently wrong with driving, more tznius than walking around if you think about it... horseback riding was a no-no cuz it was thought to break your besulim, (virginity). my friend got a license, with permission from her rebbe, her sisters shunned her for a while, now they are probably shnorring rides from her.
you have to take a stand!!
i suggest you start a group
Shpitzles And Tichels:More Rights

Chaya said...

Yingerman, I agree with JBF. Watch me get around Manhattan...I think you'd be the frazzled one. Couldn't get out of the ticket by that fremda cop, though. And I used all my feminine power of persuasion.
Shpitzle, Hoezen's right. Don't accept the lifts. Come with me. Just picked up a shpitzel in Williamsburg last night. Banged on my window and asked for a lift to go 2 blocks! Wonder if she would've knocked on some chassideshe guys window... Guess it wasn't you...

Anonymous said...

Shpitzle, girls SHOULDN'T (not be confused with MAY NOT) ride a horse BAREBACK because the movement can break the hymen, hence causing the girls to lose their virginity (in the physical sense of the word.) If this is the source that people rely on when prohibiting the women from driving, then I think it's time the misconception gets cleared up.

chchick said...

Not sure how to phrase this discreetely, but are Chassidishe girls allowed to use tampons? I can't imagine they can actually do the same thing a bare backed ridden horse might do, but I'm sure you can find a Rebbe or two who think so.

I think the connection behind horse back riding and driving a car is totally off the mark.

I drive, and I generally have a policy not to give rides to Chassidishe men looking for hitches. I have made a couple of exceptions.

I once passed a middle aged man a mile out of Boro Park with a baby carriage, in the evening. I was with my husband in the car and I was driving. I decided to offer the man a ride. When I stopped the car I saw that what was in the carriage was actually a Tfillin Zekel and not a child. A nutter, right? Anyway, my hubby offers him a ride, and he answers, "only if my husband drives the car. I have hora'a from my Rebbe not to let a women drive me around". So I said I'm not getting out of my seat, take it or leave it. He declined and I drove off.

This summer I made another exception, I was in Monsey for a party and was driving from there to the country. It was pouring cats and dogs. As I turned on to the Thruway there was a young man standing in the dounpour in a hat and Rekel holding his Tfillin. I figured he wanted a lift to Monroe which I was passing anyway. I felt really bad for him. So I stopped and rolled down the window. He wouldnt even say "No Thank You". He made a simman with his thumb like "keep on going". Nu, I tried to do a mitzvah. So maybe i should just stick to my policy. If they don't offer rides to women, or want to ride with women, why should I bother?

chchick said...

I guess I wasn't logged in properly. the last comment is mine

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

Note to Yingerman: Although I do not agree with your point on driving, I do understand your concerns in regards to the pattern you are detecting from my last two posts. No, I am not planning to go down ‘that’ road of negative emphasys only. IT just so happened that I didn’t highlight the best features of Chassidic living ‘now’. More positive posts to come, imyets hashem….

Megapixle, IA GN – Very interesting and thanks for clearing it up. I’m not sure if that teacher indicated or just led me to the assumption, but I had thought that riding a horse is something not-tsnuis, as a woman makes herself seen. Given, I had to retract all arguments…

Chaya – oh god, lol! No, it was NOT ME!!! I’m not one of those women that at the 20/30 can’t walk a few blocks anymore. But I do appreciate the offer. There’s a big demand at the mikvah, y’know…

Cha-chick – You better stick to that policy… Men can sometimes really make you feel awful with their rude way of suggesting a ‘no thanks’. I don’t know what’s really going on inside their heads and what their intentions are, but it comes off very angry or hating.
We really shouldn’t blame them. I can imagine my husband wouldn’t accept a ride either. Simply, he’s afraid. There is such a strong division, trespassing that takes courage…

Anonymous said...

Dear Independent,.

Thanks so much for the new on vosizneias!! I have added the new blog on.

I wondered what had happened.. figured some bored bad pple got to it...

heimishinbrooklyn said...

This topic 'drives' me mad!!! I wish it would be accepted in our community. I did drive once on vacation (just in a big empty lot) and felt really sexy and cool. I can understand the issur. I do have a family member that drives and there's always this tension between her and our granparents. Personally, if I ever took up driving my parents would disown me! My mother is concerned what Rechel & Mechel will say. Oh, what I would give to be able to drive. My husband is actually encouraging me, how 'bout that?

Maven said...

satmars come down to vacation in my neighborhood.

once i offered some girls a lift who were stranded at a bus stop.
another time i offered a couple and their baby a ride to the grocery store.

both times the people were surprised, but i assumed they were startled over the spontaneous act of chessed. now i'm wondering if it's because i'm a female driver!

(maybe it's because i'm a lubavitcher?)

Anonymous said...

You are all forgetting the side 'benefits' that come from this. When I was a bochur I would eat by a very special Satmar family in Monsey . Very big Talmid Chochom and tremendous Machnis Orchim. Hwever they had exremely beautiful daughters and we are all just flesh and blood with tremdous Taivos.

While I was single and they were single we werent allowed to say one word to each other. However, after I got married and they got married, all the restrictions were eased . When my wife and children came to them we were all very friendly. Anyway, one Motzoi Shabbos one of the daughters, who I always had a crush on asked me to drive her home. We didnt think anything of it, because we all knew each other many years. When I stopped in front of her house, her face was glistening in the streetlight outside the car on a totally desolate street, and the Yetzer Hara overwhelmed me. As I reached over to hand her, her bag that she left on the street, I kissed her on the lips. At first she was startled, but then like a man in the desert dying of thirst, offered just the rt amount of tongue. It was the most delightful moment of my life.

Anonymous said...

Guess what Shpitz??

I live in same place like you do, LOL, and I'm young and single...

...But I have my permit and am getting my license!!!!

And I'm not an oisvarf LOL, far from it :)

Chaya said...

Shpitzle, I usually agree with most of what Yingerman says, but this time he's way off, and I hope you're not going to let his criticism influence your blog. I would never compare your blog to some of the other frum blogs that are full of negativity and seem to be really bitter about frumkeit. Your posts are always written in a light, humorous tone, and I don't detect a trace of negativity. You absolutely are still the role model for shpitzles everywhere. Now when I see a shpitzle, I can SEE the person under it and know that she may be intelligent, articulate, funny and talented. Keep doing what you're doing. You do it very well.
And, btw, the shpitzle that hitched a ride with me was definitely not you. We had some trouble communicating. Apparently, English is not her strong point...

Anonymous said...

anon, you don't need a drivers license to cheat. there is no connection.

Baal Devarim said...

"please dont take this wrong, but women have been known to get frazzled easier than men, think about getting around manhatten, fighting traffic, no way i'd let spoucy do that"

Please don't take this wrong, but you are a condescending chauvinist pig. You wouldn't let spoucy do that? Time to get your mind out of the dark ages, Ying. Grow up and stop fretting about "frazzled" women.

"now about the giving a lift to fremda frauen, uuuuh I dont think ess past, really."

Heartless pr*ck. You don't think "es past" to offer help to a struggling, pregnant woman shlepping bags and children in the snow? Figures. As we know, "ess past" is the first commandment of the aseres hadibros; it supersedes all other mitzvahs in the Torah and is in the category of Ye'herog V'al Ya'avor.

"I think we're conditioned to shy away from the opposite sex"

Apparently, you were conditioned to disdain and sneer at the opposite sex. Shy away indeed.

Y.Y. said...

driving is much more tznious than walking half naked on the street or push carriages at the men

Anonymous said...

who walks half naked on the street?

Also A Chussid said...


I give hitches for shpitzlech, shietlech or tichlech (I don’t discriminate) on a weekly basis.


I volunteer for Chesed. Almost all of them behave in a mentchilcher manner, despite the years of segregation between the sexes. I get the hello, sorry for keeping you waiting, thanks for the ride and one even asked me what CD was playing. However, I wouldn’t dare to offer a shpitzle a lift. I tired it once on my way home when I spotted my next door neighbor and she refused. It was in middle of the day, it was raining, she was shlepping some shopping bags, she is over fifty and to put it mildly she didn’t age that well. I got the massage… Don’t expect an offer from me, any time soon…

Ball Duver,

At the very next opportunity crack open an ice cold beer of your choice and for God’s sake, or if you prefer goodness sake, CHILL OUT… Boy you are angry… sheesh…

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

Heimish – You spilled my secret. I also once drove in the parking lot of a chain-store. I was so petrified, for the next few weeks I didn’t dear criticize the driver’s speed or breaks…

Maven – I think I would also react in what you’d call ‘startled’ but it wouldn’t be because of surprise, rather because anything unfamiliar in the Satmar community is welcomed with a dropped jaw.

Anon – – If your story had a point, I think you were oiver on yichud.

Shiksa– – oh… I feel so sorry for you… I should guess, by your name, that you’ve gone through the outcast process. I can imagine what you’ve been through…
I don’t know if I should, but I feel partially responsible. I know that I too would gawk at you if you drove in public.

Chaya – – very kind. Thank you.
I am trying to paint a balanced picture, not to be a women’s rights activist. I just wanted to assure you all that I am going to write about whatever my life is about; the good, the not so good, and the very, very not so good…

Baal Devarim– – Thank YOU for breaking open the bottle of cold anger. I’m sure we all feel less gassy now.
Yes, the attitude men have towards women ‘shtecht’.

YY – You must be the L”V tsadik of the daar. You have come up with the solution for the half-naked walkers in Williamsburg!

Also A Chussid – – Alright, I will excuse you but only because you seem like a very nice guy… But don’t you EVER honk at me from the thrown of your SUV if my cross has extended a little passed the ‘walk’ signal…

Anonymous said...

each and every one of your posts are brilliant, and you are a role modal of the shpitzlech and heimishe woman, I liked what some one wrote that he-she looks now different on a shpitzel.... kudos to shpitzel!

The issur for woman on driving is based on the fact that "Noshim Daaton kalos" נשים דעתן קלות and if they can get around easy, then their Nisyoines in a week moment may be tougher, and they may fall.
Which isn't much different from why by use Bocherim aren't allowed to drive either.

Yeah, I know the feminist among you will jump, but that are the
facts IMHO

You may ask well what about those men who drive around in all kinds of not-so-nice places, and that's the reason why many Kolalim, dont allow for he younger youngeleit to drive either.

Myself, this is one of the things that I don't really get, and if it was not for the social pressure, I'd have my wife get her driver's license, she too drives some times in chain store parking lots, just for the fun.

I would have it much easier, if she drives, now I am the family shofar (yeah its not spelled right, I know)...

Y.Y. said...

wow LMAO thnx for the laugh

kjrebbetzin said...

I read all of your posts. They're very funny and well put.
I never commented before. I am enjoying your blog. Keep the posts coming.I'll be here waiting.

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

Shiksa – listen, there’s VUZ VET YEDER ZUGEN, which is like amputating your arms and legs and living crippled and there’s FAMILY and FRIENDS. Unfortunately, the two are attached!!

Nuch – Agreed, absolutely… Again, it freakishly seems that we’re both following the same Sefar Hilchas Chasidis.
HELP! What’s IMHO?

Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan – IT’s an honor to have you here!

YY – HELP! What’s LMAO?

KJRebbetzin – velcome tsee eych, mine tyere rebbetzin froe. A groseh shkoyech for dee hertsliche vinch.

Also A Chussid said...

In My Humble Opnioun… IMHO.

Also A Chussid said...

Laughing My Ass Off... LMAO

sheny said...

My Mother drives and has been driving since she got married
she avoids traffic and cant reverse park she once had a small accident (not her fault) and was so shocked that she left the car were it was and ran home and cried.
After I got married to a Tichel I asked my wife if I can teach her the basics of driving and explained to her that I dont realy want you to drive but HANTIGE TZATIN CAN MEN NISHT WISSEN MA YILED YOIM and you might one day need that skill. any way she agreed. Thats the same reason my mother convinced me to get my license "alts bucher noch chotshig i was a chnyok"

Anonymous said...

WHOA WHOA!- Nuch a Chosid - we'r told men have a MUCH stronger Yetzer Hora than girls. In Seminary we were croaked at that we cannot FATHOM a fifth of the yetzer harah that boys have to struggle with on a daily basis. I mean thats the reason us gals constantly get blasted at for tznius, rite!? In that case men shouldnt be driving anywhere. At all. Us women should be doing the driving. So why dont we see that happening?!?

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

Also - TYVM (can you figure it out?)
GS (how 'bout this one?)

Sheny - Come to think of it, it hurts. Women with medical problems have to be tied down to chesed organizations for rides, waiting sometimes hours until transportation arrives. I think a woman that needs to be driven frequently for health issues, should it be herself or a child/parent, must be told to drive.

My Dear Letz, As you wish. You just don't act the name... 'twas a joke!
My advice? Senator Letz Hassid PHD.
Can we agree on that?

Senorita - Guess we all gotta help out the men a little with their tavos. If we make them spend their entire sunday driving us down to the Woodbury Common Mall they can't follow their temptations...

Begreatful I wish you weren't so right. I try to tell myself that these people simply don't know better. This is the condition of love around here.

Anonymous said...

Begreatful, did you ever hear the saying, "er iz geshtorben mit recht"? You are 100% right in theory, but in reality, losing your family may be just as painful as losing your true identity.

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

I've been trying to post some pictures that I received from a fellow blogger but I couldn't figure out how to upload pictures to the comments. After the discussion about headgear I thought these would be interesting. The Jewish women are wearing shterntichelech, a headgear popular between the Rebbishe.

Quoting Ch Chick: "I always admired these paintings by Isidor Kaufman. These women in their traditional Shterntichlach always looked very dignified to me. For the times they probably fit in better that Shpitzlach fit in today. A hundred years ago normal women wore hats and bonnets on a regular basis. Kaufman was Hungarian, but his subjects may have been from other Eastern European countries.

Anonymous said...

Oy the vulgarity. A real bas melech,eh?