Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Desperate Housegirls

Yep, ladies. It looks like Jewish girls are known for being 'Desperate Girls'! A single Yiddish Meidle at the thirty? Vey!

I caught the latest episode of American Dad online, an animated show for adults, that consists of a combination of ridiculous family dynamics and side-splitting satire. It's one of my favorite shows. I had a good, gut cleansing laugh.

Their most recent episode 'An Apocalypse to Remember' depicted (as a supporting role) the "desproite Yewish meidele" in hysterical strokes. Oh, the nose! The Jewish nose! God help! No wondah she cain't find a shiddahch! (We're even stereotyped for a certain no-nonsense, thickly voice!)

At a time of year that our community is full of desperate housewives, pitzing and washing from daybreak till, um, daybreak, we all deserve some time out. If you can, take a few moments of your own, lock yourself someplace away from unauthorized personnel or vagabond shmuntzes, get a bowl of Kosher for Passover chips and a large, ice-cube-full cup of homemade grapejuice, and enjoy the latest episode.

You're desperate for a break. You need some time to rest the tired feet and fill the empty midsection. Trust me dear. I know what I'm talking about. Poisenell experience. Kum shoyn, have fun, and I'll waive the shadchanes gelt.



socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Okay I got the chips and the juice I am ready to watch it, yes we women do deserve a break, great one!

Anonymous said...

Forget watching tumana shows. Come over babe and I will give you a non tumana massage. You will feel born again with frisha koiches...

Bring along your 15 goytas who are probably just as dead... A kapura zolen zie zien....

Chips & grape juice? What an interesting combonation..

Anonymous said...

Impossible, Shpitzle, cannot EggScape my pre-pesach cooking.
Will definitely add it to my Chol Hamoed itinery. I intend watching it huddled together with my neighbors, shvegerin, and shneeren, after Al Naharos Bovel of course. The men will hover nearby, sefer in hand, insisting that they have more important things to do on Chol Hamoed than watch these shtissim.
Delighted to have found you, keep on posting, it’s keeping me sane!

frumhouse said...

Yes, for me the computer is a break. Don't the rabbanim know that it is really the women who will suffer most if they ban us from using the internet? :)

yingerman said...

You do watch TV.
Thought so.
Ya know what this means, right?
This proves that great writers have inspiration and external influences.

Chananiah Yom Tov Lipa said...

Oh man I got a good laugh out of that one!!! Thanks!

(I wonder how many goyim understood that episode?)

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

SWFM - Ditto!

JBF - Oh, you’re funny. You’re just so funny. What’s gonna happen to the 15 dead goytes? Will they get foot massages too?

Over their dead bodies?!

Alles Shoin Mitgemacht - Ya think?! We’re pretty glad we found you! You’re hysterical! (“Men hovering nearby”… Right on!)

Frumhouse - I can absolutely relate. Nowadays I literally make pesachdig my house from online... The rebbies should hold their horses. I betcha the web has a clean future… ;-)

Yingerman - Sigh, sigh along!

No, we don’t have TV or VCR but with today’s technology you can do a lot with a little laptop. My rebbeh is right, we should sell it for chumitz.

CYL - I’m so glad I got to be mezakah at least one of the ladies here ;)!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, though, I think woman do gain a lot from internet. I’m not one to watch TV and films, though I haven’t had the opportunity to find out if it is due to lack of time or lack of inclination. But the social interaction on the net is impossible for a chasidishe veibel to achieve elsewhere, (and I am not referring particularly to men women contact!). A woman can be stuck at home with kids for the best part of 25 years. The most interesting conversations she can have are chance meetings outside the grocery while toddler is either wandering off alone or tied up and punching baby in face.
Going out means getting dressed, tidying house, providing food, transport, and payment for babysitter, or alternatively telephones are too time sensitive for a meaningful conversation- both sides must be available at the same time. The internet is our godsend, it’s min hashomayim, how can rabbonim asser it? It’s time saving-shopping and banking can be done online, it rules out bad midos of sinas chinom - nobody can measures your yiddishkeit level by what you wear on your head, or your finance level by what brand of clothes you wear. People are accepted for what they are, loshon hora can be switched off at the touch of a button without worrying about offending the one that is writing it. Shaalos can be asked online, hundreds of shiurim can be heard online, no, mine is definitely not going out with the chometz!

SemGirl said...

SAM.....couldnt agree with you more, but try convincing anyone lol. I downloaded a shiur on friday and put it on my mp3player and listened to it while cleaning out my car .

Over Shabbos, a few ppl told me, that its better not to learn then to take Torah from a toilet.

Anonymous said...

"Over Shabbos, a few ppl told me, that its better not to learn then to take Torah from a toilet."

Especially now with Google's free broadband "TiSP" that connects thru your toilet!


(You just have to love Google's sense of humor)

Anonymous said...

Semgirl, where can I download interesting shiurim on mp3? I've tried Aish but I wonder if there are others. Thanks, I've learnt that the best way is to keep quiet about where a lot of things come from!
My bochurim have a name for the internet, they call it the "intervesh" to show their dissapproval, but when they need to book a ticket etc. they know to ask me to do it for them!

SemGirl said...

Just Google MP3 shiurim and a lot comes up. My favorite site is www.YUTorah.org.

SemGirl said...

the phone number for kol mevaser is: 718-689-1100
kol mevasser hotline is in yiddish.

for shuirim in all languages. http://www.kolhalos hon.com/

gut shabbos,

waytoofrum said...

nice blog. i enjoy it alot.

Chazak V'amatz