Thursday, May 10, 2007

Seeing Is Believing

Our optometrist confirmed today that my seven year old son will be wearing eyeglasses, like every other Chassidic cheider boy that sits and learns yiddishkeit, religion and belief for most of his day.

It seems as if almost all of our Torah scholars wear glasses as a direct effect of learning.

Yep. Seeing is believing.



Anonymous said...

You get more cynical by the post.

How long 'till you're a rebel?

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

Reaper - Well, what some call downhill others call knowledge, but I have gone on the record that blogging did change the way I see things. Call it anything.

However, nothing in my physical life has changed and I'm still happy for my blessings. I'll admit I do often feel guilty for exaggerating the problems when getting carried away. Things are a lot more human in real life. I should try to keep an honest balance.

Anonymous said...

And what some call murder others call a mercy killing. What some call a terrorist others call a freedom fighter.

One is what one thinks. One need not change their physical state to change who they are.

Anonymous said...

Seeing is believing, right? That might explain why "they" don't want "us" to "see" the WWW (Whole Wide World) beyond our daled ammes.

Anonymous said...

well, seems a perfect reason yes to go to the park. so your boys at least, should have some fun.

but not to central park, last time i was there, i saw a shpitzel driving a bike.
(or maybe it was you..?)

Chasidic Bochur said...

Buy him the black Hasidic eyeglasses. So "di apelle vet nisht fallen veit fin boim"

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Cute pic sorry he needed glasses, yup true does seem that all the learners get glasses at least they have really funky and cool glasses, hope the boys don't make fun of him. Make sure he gets the hottest pair of glasses:)

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...
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Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

Reaper - What ‘one’ might call a comparison, others call ‘prphh!’.

Shaking head in amazement.

If one is what one thinks, then one who thinks he is a mercy killer is not a murderer...

What you think is just a fraction of who you are. It sure matters, but your actions matter just the same. My point to you was that this is just a blog where I vent away about thoughts of this community from its operation perspective, while my life, in this very community, abiding to its very restrictions, is wonderful, and I have no intentions to change any of that.

I should, takkeh, thinking about it, focus on the wonderful stuff. But y'know, that don't generate no comments!

IA GN - My brothers always take their glasses off when we drive through NYC. I suppose it actually helps our beliefs that we can’t see all the time.

Gevezener - Yup. I do go out with my kids, but golly, not on a bicycle! I wish the chedarim would not be so learning-oriented on those young yingelech. They need more time to play.

Bochur - Poor seven year old with black eyeglasses!? Come on, I didn’t wear a shpitzle when I was seven! Let the eyeglasses wait for when he’s in Yeshiva Gedola and getting ready for that shpitzle shidduch.

SW FM - Na, doubt anyone would make fun of him. I got him the typical plastic framed things. Thank god they’re now in style.

Anonymous said...

The comparisons apparently hit a nerve.

But ones thought are a contributory definition of ones self. A significant contributor.

And if they generate no comments, what is wrong?

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

Reaper - It did hit a nerve, the laughing one.

Honestly, I aint thrilled. You're comment in general hit a nerve. I never wanted to be a rebel, because despite the fact that I think a lot is ideally wrong with our community, I can't help loving it. It's mine. Everything, the yiddish, the customs, the society, is burned into my flesh. I wish there were a way to combine knowledge and avoid kafira. That is actually what I had din mind with this post. Take those glasses off, and no more seeing - no more believing. Is that how belief should be?

Blogging without comments feels like chazunitzing in an empty bes medrish.

chav said...

actually, shpitz, i also believed that it was purely due to their constant learning that our menfolk were visually impaired.

however, there was a recent study done in lakewood on the factors of myopia in frum families, and the doctor conducting the study may have found a cure, after isolating the gene for near-sightedness.

he explained to my husband, who was part of the study, that frum guys, who, from the age of 4 and up, not only read, but shuckel while they do, which puts a strain on the eye to constantly adjust and re-adjust their focus. Even though this may be true, the main factor in myopia in kids is genetic makeup. So blame your "yoelish." :)

Anonymous said...


WILLY NY:The vaad hatznius task force for promotion of virtue & prevention of vice, is reportedly compiling a list, of all willi boys aged 7 who just got glasses.

at a news conference, held in front of the latest closed down "shvitz". harav grebtzman answered questions about the latest news report, saying: "its not the boys we are after. its the notorious shpitzel blogger'te that we are trying to expose. we just got a lead on identifying her, that seems to be connected to a 7 year old wearing new glases".

then, he dodged all further questions, saying: "answering any more questions, i am afraid might compromise the investigation".

the HCLU (hasidic civil liberties union, has filed a complaint, with the satmar rabinical court. claiming that it sould be considered as raciel profiling, to investigate only "ketzy glezer". as if, only these particular mammals, are poisoned by the internet.

a court date has yet to be scheduled. as the bais din, hadnt found a secretary yet.

Anonymous said...

Shpitzele is in my realm.

frumhouse said...

The comments on your blog are almost as entertaining as the posts!

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

Chav - Fascinating! I never heard of that.

Always great to see you around.

Illuy - I'm not sure if I should laugh my a** off or move into the presidential underground bomb-protective hideout. So what if they find the kid and trace it up to its mother? Will they deport me to the Iraqi Government Council?

Reaper - You are very welcome to get me straight. I'm all yours. Just please, no cursing or naming female genitals in the process.

Frumhouse - The comments are fantastic, absolutely.

חצי_עבד said...

איך וויל דא איינמעלדן אלע אידיש-לייענער איבער דער ערעפנונג פון מיין נייעם בלאג:
"חצי עבד"
איך האף אז מאמינים ווי אפיקורסים צוגלייך וועלן הנאה האבן און ביישטייערן מיט אינהאלטרייכע קאמענטארן.

Yoelish said...

The book Born to Kvetch, isn't nearly as zaftig as its cover picture.

BTW, I say 'zaftig' in the Yiddish sense.

Velvel Chusid said...

"Will they deport me to the Iraqi Government Council?"

Be careful they can bring Baghdad to your door.

I remember when I was a young Bucher we were sent to manhatten to protest the Yemach shemonikes, we were told to take off the glazar to hit on the hilige oiegen & I was among the few lucky boys not having glasses.

cafe_28 said...

I think they wear glasses so that they should be able to take it off when a woman passes them.
Makes doing avodas Hashem much holier.

Anonymous said...

anybody read the story in "der blatt" this week, by the section ביי מיר האט דאס פאסירט ?.

its a story of a yingele that got farfutcht, by going to a mall for 10 minutes. so shpitzele be happy,you will be able to take of his glases, and he will stay holy. also, that way you would also be able to by a cosmo, with no questions asked....

btw, that column at its inception, used to be a transelation from the "oilam hachasidis" column "nisyonos". and it used to be intresting. i usually read them in the original, but even if not, i had them there. but lately it has gottan some real crap in there.

yes, shabos i read the jewish papers its my bechina of
שלא יהא דיבורך של שבת כדיבורך בחול

Anonymous said...

And again?

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

JK from KJ - I was wondering about that book. Both the picture and the title of the book make it seem like the richtiga stuff.

Velvel - "they can bring Baghdad to your door, be careful" I know and I am.

You be careful yourself, now that we know to look for the guy without glasses. The search has instantly been narrowed down to a little minyen.

Café 28! - Now that we have everyone back, I think it's time we start writing about topics again!

Illuy - Interesting, I didn't know that column was a translation. Everyone raved about it. My mother repeats what she reads there to anyone that'll listen.

Shabbos I read the Mallos. Nothing beats that.

Reaper - I'm not sure which comment is you and which is Chaim playing with your name, but I don't see any tsuvah material in any of the comments anyhow. C'mon, I'm counting on you!

Chaim - Your comment to frumhouse got deleted by mistake. My bad.

Y.Y. said...

maybe the suten cant fargin yiddishe kinder learning so he weakens their eyesight

yingerman said...

I think my 10 year old needs glasses.
I've been wearing em since I was 7, pain the tuches.
Spoucy needs glasses too, I somehow hoped my kids would be spared.

chav said...

Okay, this is off the topic, but can anyone tell me Also A Chussid's email address? I have been reading his blog since its inception, and all of a sudden, it's by invitation only...

Anonymous said...

i read the maalos once a month, when it comes out.
aside from a lot of nonsense, it has some interesting stuff too.

but i find it as hypocritical to the core, for advocating a stance against reading & everything. but from where else, do its writers take all of their historical knowledge.
(not the new story, about the marranos in new spain. that one is sort of a sci-fi..., planting ppl in a place & time they didn't exist. by portraying the marranos as anshei shloimeiny.)

Anonymous said...

shpitzle, what would you suggest we teach our children?

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

YY - It's the Satan who does it, eh? That explains things. Like why all my mitzvos don't work out so well.

Yingerman - Women wear contacts, and with age almost everyone wears glasses - reading that is. But the up-side of female-visual-aid is that you get to stumble into the mikvah burr literally blind.

Chav Dear - I don't think AAC allows anyone in. If you want to close your blog the only way you can do it is by locking it for invitation. I'm sure he'll be open again in some time. I love that guy's attitude.

Illuy - Well, the Maalos is extreme but at least the writing is decent. They take everything from the 'books'. But they've got a Federal Fingerprint Pass from God that allows them exposure without harm. It's a fact. Simple fact of life. Holy people 'magen'.They're allowed.

Anon - What not? We should actually teach our children. Multiple subjects. Learning ivreh for a full seven hour day for young boys is not what we can call teaching.

Chaim - Yup. You know why. For starters, the double E in my name is starting to freak me out, Mom.

Anonymous said...


I don't see any posts by Chaim on this thread, yet you "responded" to him multiple times.

Is there a phantom here we all missed?

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

Oh - C'mon. You're giving me a headache.

David_on_the_Lake said...

My kids are beggging me for glasses?

Ich farshtei nisht tzi die taaveh..

shlumpper said...

poor kids ,

thay cant read the english thats why thayre all wearing glasses lol

Bishrirus said...

Myopia happens to be hereditary, especially higher Myopia. So blame yourself or your better half.

Since it is not helped by excessive reading, make sure that whatever he reads it is worthwhile!

I am done with Cheider, et all. My myopia was NOT worth it! although i was generally in the top 4.