Saturday, November 04, 2006

60 Seconds in America

Researchers are bewildered with us. They have yet to find physical evidence to explain the strong separation between the Chassidic Community and the American world. A barbed wire fence, a brick wall, a border - some sort of mechitsa.

I find it ironic that it’s just that, a mechitsa, that brings us together with the secular world.


Enter your voting booth and welcome to America. Where all votes are created equal. Your voice will not have a chareidish accent, wear a headgear or huge black glasses. Your vote is counted just the same as the vote of the Hispanic woman that voted before you. Just the same as the vote of Donald Trump or Rudolph Guiliani. You’re in America and you’re entitled to an opinion.

* * *

Americans often complain that although they very much welcome newcomers, the immigrants refuse to assimilate. I second that claim. My cleaning lady has been to America for 10 years but she still didn’t get rid of the horrible hair dye, the ridiculous leggings or the huge bag. She runs up and down Lee Avenue desperate, stopping preoccupied men and women alike, begging for directions. She points to the little sheet of paper in her hands and begs “Missis, Missis. Six-Vohn-Six Harrison?”

We’re not very much different when we enter our own America on Election Day. We hog the instruction sheet we received in the mail from the local authorities, put on our reading glasses and read off our little white sheet to the machine: “ah von Hillareee, Ah vun Spitserr. Ah von Patakee. No more Patakee? Ahh. No Patakkee?! “.

Our block vote has been ineffective for a long time. The laws our representatives pass affect us in our daily lives. There is no reason to casting a blank ballot. There are many reasons to learn more before voting. To assimilate.

The first step to choosing a candidate is understanding how your representative effects you. Gay Rights, Abortion and other laws that define the American freedom do not concern us since we have our constitution, the Torah. Rather, we should focus on issues like taxes and security.

If you are earning a high income you might want to vote Republican and save on your taxes. If you are benefiting from government programs as in Foods Stamps, Medicaid or Section 8, you’d probably rather vote Democratic, as they emphasize more on the catering to the lower class Americans. Those that own businesses, or even are employed, need to find out if issues are being lobbied that might affect their line of work. We are all fairly structured people so for us more security means more peace of mind.

For some reason many vote the way they choose a rebbe. Why did they choose their Rebbe? For no good reason. Actually, for no reason at all. Still they fervently support the rebbe and all his mishigasen to a baffling extend. Not much unlike that do they political choose a party and run to vote with supposed intellect.

Well, this year when you go to vote, forget that. Enjoy your 60 seconds in America like a true American.

* * *

Most of the candidates I’ll vote for get my nod for personal reasons. Hillary Clinton however, I have a general issue with.

I’ve never read her biography but after following her political journey closely for 10 years, I think I know it: When she was six she put on her mother’s pumps and promised herself that one day she’ll be a big star. When she was sixteen she boarded a Greyhound bus en-route to Hollywood. For some reason she got off at the wrong stop and arrived in DC. She went on to live a typical Hollywood life, with the typical Hollywood husband and the typical Hollywood daughter. With American’s infatuation with celebrities she was given a seat in the US Senate.

Throughout her six years as your senator she has done very little for you as an American, even less for you as a New Yorker and practically nothing for you as a Chassidic Jew. Unless you count the political rally she held at both Satmar headquarters.

Her agenda consists of one thing. To promote herself. To be popular and admired. Unlike Chuck Shumer, who balances being a political leader with serving New York, Hillary cares very little for the state she represents.

I vote Spencer.


Anonymous said...

shpitzle... GOOD Post!!!

Y.Y. said...

If you are earning a high income you might want to vote Republican and save on your taxes. If you are benefiting from government programs as in Foods Stamps, Medicaid or Section 8, you’d probably rather vote Democratic, as they emphasize more on the catering to the lower class Americans

you have it all wrong
the bush administration increased goverment spending by more than any democratic administration in history
republicans raise taxes for 99% of americans and cut it for 1% while democrats cut it for 99% and raise it for 1% you need to be more educated before you make political analysis BTW hillary has done tons for NY too bad you were brainwashed by 770 wabc and you dont have your own mind
finally the repubs will get kicked americans are fed up with them cant wait for tuesday

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

YY Thanks for the comment. And no, I don't listen to Hannity or Limbaugh.
The Republicans don't raise taxes for 99% Americans. That's not a very educated guess. They do let you keep what you earned, instead of taking your earnings and giving it to the poor. The poor are often lazy people that are too spoiled by the government to go out and work.

Well, name what Hillary has done for you and we might end up agreeing!

Anonymous said...

What has Schumer done that Clinton did not?

The reason the Republicans nitpick on her is her public statue and media attention, two things that can make her the first woman president of the US. What is your reason?

Good post otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that's a bit confused by this post(s)? I think you are all over the board and are touching on so many topics, that it's hard for me to comment on anything you've written. You have enough material in here for at least 4 complete posts. Don't lose your touch!!

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

All Good Now: This post is a political one. Many people don't care about politics. I won't be writing about politics but this once, due to the election season.
Feel free to comment on any topic that is relevant to you.

Anonymous said...

Shpitzle thats not heimish, the only politics we are supposed to know about is
and if you are very open minded you can move on to

Hillary only matters :
Would you do her? or not

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

Anon LOL... Will you go to the 'bechiras' this Tuesday bechlal?

About Hillary, I agree. Maybe not completely but I agree that her qualifications are a little like that...

Anonymous said...


"About Hillary, I agree. Maybe not completely but I agree that her qualifications are a little like that..."

OMG you can relate???

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

You mean do I have a personal experience you mean because you want to suggest I'm a male?

BTW, some speculate hillary is really gay.

Anonymous said...

You got it but the other way around,
Hillary is Gay? so can you relate now/????


Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...


ggggg said...

Once again, great post! i love your writing style! Keep it up!

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...


Also A Chussid said...

So I am trying to get this right. So it is only Hilary who is looking to promote herself while Schumer and Spencer are in it to help out the general public??? Sort of Lesehem Shumeyim’digeh folks…

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

Also, let me put it this way: Schumer is a politician. Hillary is a face.
Don't get the loshen kodesh part.

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

oh, oh. l'shem shamayim!

Anonymous said...

Shpitzle, I love the political dynamics that are the foundations of this country's democracy! I just thought you weren't focused in this post, and I used poetic license to let you know. You can handle it! I KNOW you can!!

cafe_28 said...

"Gay Rights, Abortion and other laws that define the American freedom do not concern us since we have our constitution, the Torah."

Shpitzel, while this may be halfway true, in a certain way it does concern us.
If the liberals who advocate the rights mentioned above take over the gov't, the world we live in will become morally corrupt.
And just try raising kids in a world like that. So we have to do all in our power to make sure that the libs stay out of office, and only vote Republican.

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

It's all Good - I put all my thoughts into one post because I didn't want to focus too much on elections. So it's a little bit of a mumble-jumble...
Do share with me your opinions!

Cafe - the world will be morally corrupt regardless of who it is that holds office. The liberal status of the world is not really defined by lawmakers. The citizens define the moral standards. Lawmakers only decide if these standards should or should not be punishable by law...

cafe_28 said...

If the government and the lawmakers deem it okay to do certain immoral activities, then it becomes more acceptable, and not so hidden anymore. It's sort of more 'in the street'.

Hoezentragerin said...

I usually vote Republican (or when in a particularly nasty mood, Conservative) across the board.
This year I'll shlep out to vote for a bunch of sure losers; Spencer included. (sigh)

Anonymous said...

"Cafe - the world will be morally corrupt regardless of who it is that holds office. The liberal status of the world is not really defined by lawmakers. The citizens define the moral standards. Lawmakers only decide if these standards should or should not be punishable by law... "

And usually the lawmakers tend to follow the standards of the citizens when it comes to punishing!

Very well put Mrs. Shpitzle

You might belong to the wrong side of the isle, but you didn't leave your brains in Crawford TX.

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

Hoezen - OH! I sure feel like a sore losser myself voting for people that have no chance this year.

Anonymous said...

fact is that Hillary, like her or not stands the best chance of winning the white house in 08 (based on current polls)

BH she came to New york and had a very good relationship with the heimeshe stuppers.
this in itself that she knows about us on a personal level and we share a close friendship (she has visited to more orthodox peoples homes then you expect)and knows about two satmars and sqvere( a little too good)munkatch and a whole host of other heimeshe community leaders and has on her board a heimeshe person as a jewish lasion is good for us as a jewish chasidic community it does not mean that she can deliver but we stand a better chance there then with a Macain or Obama that really have no personal and up close relationship with our community

the excitment in 08 will be if this turns out as a Hillary V Rudy race. but then again for us yiddelech it will make no real differance.

Hoezentragerin said...

It's cute.
check it out

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...


There are polls that might suggest Hillary will win the general election, but there are no polls that suggest she will win the primaries. The liberals will not have her win the primaries due to her position on Iraq.

But bechlal, what makes you think that if she visits all chassidic Shtiblech she'll do something for you? Just the opposite. The typical way for a politician to get votes is by bringing grants and programs. Hillary's way is by visiting. Why does she make the rounds everywhere and Schumer doesn't run all over? She makes nice with everyone and doesn’t care a bit the moment she walks away.

Whenever she wins the elections call me. I’d like to come with you to the white house, where ofcourse she’ll welcome us very generously.

The link’s not working.

Hoezentragerin said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Hoezentragerin said...



Try it now

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...


Oh, I'd love if Condoleezza would run. Wouldn't it be great to vote for the first colored and the first woman at the same time without voting democratic?

Anonymous said...

Schumer knows every rebbe and local shvitzer around he comes to all melave malkes and dinners and is very very close with our community hay if you do not know he is a local jewish boy.
He as a jew is doing a good job of not overly publicising his jewishness and trying to coltivate relationships across the usa

If its not Hillary maybe we may be lucky and have Schumer in the white house in 08

In any event I may have a problom going with you to the white house whith Hillary as president I do not want to have a picture shaking her hand like another chasidishe guy recently....

Hoezentragerin - jnet is for women too.(get with the program)

vaibel said...

the link dont work on j net
what should I do?

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

See - there's the difference. Schumer actually has a connection with us. Hillary just shows her face and forgets about us. Does she ever remember the name of the rebbe she met with?

I heard Schumer once say that his name is in yiddish 'shomer' and that he is a child from European immigrants. I hope I remember right....

The J-Net blocks all 2008 presidential election material for male customers. That's because it will be a very not tsnuis race. A race between women....

Hoezentragerin said...

Vaible, Don't know what your problem is.
It got through my internet filter.
If pasting doesn't work, try typing the words into your browser.

Oh and if anyone wants to know what "das Torah's" view is on the candidates, call,

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

Hoezen, I couldn't use the link either. I had to get it from my comment email.

Hoezentragerin said...

Sorry Shpiz,
I pasted it the way I got it in an email.
Perhaps you can do a better job?

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

Doesn't work. It gets cut off.

Anonymous said...


remembering a name has no segula its the face remember?? well, that too i think is not relevent either.

I heard once that Hillary said that her yiddish name is shiina sheindle. (desn't that prove something.)

and about the two yentes running in 08 i can't wait to hear whoms sheitel or shpitzel will fly first. I think they will put to shame all previous races i know Hillary can screaccccch did anyone hear if condi does an alto on that too?

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...


Thanks for being so tsnuis and calling me only by my last name...

So now Hillary has a yiddish name too? I heard once her Russian name is Chillary. I also heard that her Spanish name is Illary...

I would love for condi's sheitle to fly around and campaign, but she insists she doesn't wanna run for office. She never ran for office. She was only a hired employee.

socialworker/frustrated mom said...

Love the way you write awesome post.

David_on_the_Lake said...

I detest being told who to vote and not to vote for..
It is a feeling of empowerment..being alone in that booth...and pulling the lever for Hillary knowing that my parents would probably disowned me..if they knew...

Anonymous said...


as a heimeshe yidene (mother?? kids?? ) how do you feel about this whole protest going on in yerushalyim about the gay parade.

A) do you care?
B) do you think its an important issue but not something to deal with here in the usa?
C) you think its a big yesoid in yidishkeit and everyone that has a little feeling for yiddishkeit should be involved, it should be discussed with the kids at the shabbos table and in school with the boys, and in shul with drushis??????

cafe_28 said...

Leible, what's that you're talking about? First I've heard of it. Fill me in.

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

Same here. My answer is A but I can get easily convinced to care.

Anonymous said...

Leible, I agree!!

Anonymous said...


you want me to fill you in? how tight (minded) are you.
all kidding aside, the gay-lesbian community in our holy land is fighting for there rights and being that the charedi- orthodox keneset members are the most against there exsistance they came up with a plan of a gay march in the center of jerusalem (H"Y)with the deal that if the charedim vote for there bill they will call off the march. well this whole week there have been stormy demonstrations in whole of isreal against this parade and now i hear that the hisachdus is planning a major protest in manhatten near the (tumina) israely conselote

now read my question again and give me your opinion!!!

you have no feelings about the moral issue of being gay? or is it the protesting are talking about the issues that make the indifference. and if so, you make no big deal if your kid speaks about it.

as a side note,Is being a lesbian an issue in heimeshe girls schools?
I can tell you that being gay is ( i pity the boys that went through those trying times they are identified the rest of their lives with that flek.

you agree with what??

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with that flek. It is a lifestyle, not a flek like you close minded heimeshe nerds look at it.

Anonymous said...



Hoezentragerin said...

"and if so, you make no big deal if your kid speaks about it."
The only gay people Shpizel's children know about are those that are jolly, happy, and gay.

vaibel said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

I'll be honest with you, I'm not sure how I feel about those that are gay. Since I have baruch hashem not been challenged with such issues, I do not judge those that do. I am not gonna cry out against them if I don't know how to help them.

As for the other question, it happens in the girl's schools too, but from what I hear not half as often as what's happening in yeshivas. The reason is obvious.
I wouldn't call it fleck, but I would imagine it's boogie man in one's closet. Ah, well, we all have our pasts.

Anonymous said...

My humble opinion, if one chooses to be gay, (in the secular world) its ok, (torah'dick,, its not.)

But as they claim "G-d created Adam and Eva, not Adam and Steve" I totaly agree with that, You wanna do whatever, fine, but that is not the original lifestyle and sure not marrige material.

I feel, that if the chareidim will win in Isreal by stopping this, then it will be a message all over the world, and people even though not Jewish, but who have moral values, would rethink their standing about gay marriges.

I think the libiral tone, of equal rights has taken it too far, see for example, NJ.

Anonymous said...

RE: Bucherim in Yeshivah, they are so not gay, and for the best proof, see who they are after, young looking hairless feminine type bucherim. It is self explenatory, it is simply the closes they can get to a girl.

Yes unfortunatly it is a "flek" in our community, and it happens to the best of us.

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

So what should one do if he is born with the inclination to live an Adam and Steve lifestyle? My question is, what should a chassidic boy do if he is attracted to other men? Just go on and marry a woman despite his feelings? Wouldn't that set him up for an unfaithful lifestyle?

I do agree that God created the typical couple to be of opposite gender but god didn't create everyone to be typical. Many people don't live the ideal family life because they were just not made that way.
Take infertility. God wanted us to have children but he made some of us infertile. What should these people do?

Y.Y. said...

rather than have gay sex thats the halacha and that is what hashem wants

Y.Y. said...

hashem did NOT create anyone gay
its just the yetzer harah

Anonymous said...


there are people born with "sticky" hands (genevah) and then there are those among us that have an uncontroled desire for infidelity (lo sachmod) and how about the no-brainer lying (midvar sheker tirchak)

the teretz eess......
there is a bechira and every person has different strongs and weakneses
Infertility is not a habit or lifestyle gay-izm is.
and just that you know a heimeshe buchir that had an episode in yeshiva lives for ever with a "flek" the skeletons your talking is for those that were never caught but they know deep down that some day they may be exposed..
you say it happenes in girls school too.... how is it stopped, do other girls gossip about it? are girls bechlal taught that its wrong? ( we were taught about zl)

Anonymous said...


so do you think we should protest here in the usa on crimes done in Israel even when the issue is as delicate as this? or do you think that shoving under the rug policy is in place in this situation

Anonymous said...

Shpitzle, the answer is as YY said, that is if you are talking about G-d , G-d who created those people, still said to those people to refrain from such action.

Leibel, for girls since its not Z'L its permissable though its border line of Tznius.

Re: Protest, in genral, we have to stick up for our brothers in Isreal, cause it DOES represent Jewish people in the universe, (satmar or not).
But in this case, I think if it can work out as a major protest it would be a wake-up call , for others who are religious and for equal rights,, it would make them think again, with supporting gay marriges, I think..

Anonymous said...

"60 comments in Shpitzle"

Anonymous said...

most of the comments are shpitzle and yours.

heimishinbrooklyn said...

Although it does happen in girls' camps I've never heard any authority talking about it. It's a 'hush-hush' issue. I can't even imagine the counselors, principles or anyone saying anything about it. Again, it doesn't happen as often as in Yeshiva. Most girls are not gay or bi. They just need to feel intimate and since they're not married this is the closest they'll get to the feeling.

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

Stealing, fighting, chutzpah, glist'n --- all of these are actions as a result of wanting the right thing but doing it the wrong way.

The Torah is here to make sure we get the right things the right way.

Being gay is originally wanting the wrong thing. According to what I hear from gay people propaganda, there is no right way to live when one is born gay. Unlike stealing, or fighting where there is a right way to do it (working hard to earn your 'bissen', communicating your anger, etc) being gay does not have a right answer in the Torah. Marrying a woman is not for them about working harder to push down tavass in daily life, it is giving up completely the sexual lover factor in life.
All (or maybe most, I don't know all...) other sexual desires have a RIGHT way to be fulfilled. To have a wife. That might involve sacrifices, but you ultimately do not deny your needs.

Only for the gay do I not see a right way in the torah.

UNLESS, I don't trust what the gay folks say and deep down EVERYONE is also somewhat attracted to the opposite gender. But that I don't know.

School Subject:
It's very different with the girls. Most girls themselves are not aware that they are taking a friendship to an intimate level.

Anon: Thanks for the comment... at least now we have a little variety... kidding...:)

David On the Lake, I think I forgot to post this:
Finally someone that feels like I do. The booth is a place you should feel that way. In control. Why do people give away their power for a bloc vote?

Anonymous said...

I find your writing just amazing being chasidish (middle aged male of Satmar bkgrnd and education) myself. I find your comments on politics refreshing and interesting from a chasidish fems prospective.

Although for the life of me, I never get it when intelligent frum fems don't display a more liberal tinge. Being Chasidish automatically puts you personally in the religious sense in the 'right' side of social concerns.

However as a minority with our own needs to protect our 'religious' rights I cast my lot with those who leave social issues to the individual, and in our case the individual and his/her Ruv.

Take for instance "late term abortion" the Torah instructs us to save the woman even in the case of a far fetched threat to her health we must abort to save her.

According to most right wing proposals on this issue the Ban includes circumstances where accordign to haluche we should abort and it will be ileagal.

So as a minority should we seek a candidate who will fashion a law exactly to the wishes of the 'torah' or should we vote for a person who says its between you and your beleifs and get the gov. out of it.

This is just one example of a great many.

I vote for the gov not to get involved. so I am the rare staunch liberal in most cases of private life.

again your writing is stunning

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

JayKay - I think your perspective on liberal politics is very unpopular in our society, simply because people think that the constitution will make all the goyish garbage go away, which is a real misconception.
Personally, I don't pick a candidate based on his/her liberal beliefs. If I vote right it's because I have personal gains out of it, as in finances or I feel that the representative is helpful with governmental programs for the community. A representative that takes a stand in the Satmar brawl gets a thumb down from me.
Thanks for the kind words! I am really flattered :)

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

JayKay - Question: can you name more issues where the constitution might effect OUR freedom?
It should be brought to everyone's attention.

Anonymous said...

The president is speaking now.
D. Rumsfeld is stepping down. The president nominated Bob Gates.

Republicans got a "thumping" in elections. War on terror is number #1 priority not gay issues.

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure.

(taking in mind your comments of fantasizing about what men talk about, 'no women allowed' post)

Well as a regular 'mikva shmoozer' I can confirm to you that most of us are neither liberal nor right wing.

Yes when we catch a 'shaigetz' with a chaptzem we become 'right wing' and want to throw away the keys... except when the violent ones are our own in our own shul on simchas toire ...well, then we need a liberal judge and a liberal DA etc.

So what are we?

depends whos goose (genzel) is being skinned.

But voting for your very own financial interest is definently not the chasidish way of looking at matters..

So your kids will go to a school with none of the student qualifying for the federal lunch program?

Isn't that kind of a program essential to the financial stability of the entire school?

Voting for your narrow interest is not an option at all if care about our community.

Hoezentragerin said...

"So what should one do if he is born with the inclination to live an Adam and Steve lifestyle? My question is, what should a chassidic boy do if he is attracted to other men? Just go on and marry a woman despite his feelings? Wouldn't that set him up for an unfaithful lifestyle?"

And what if he is attracted to young children? Should he go on and marry a grown woman despite his feelings?
Is being pedophile a choice?

Y.Y. said...

i couldnt of put it better you are right on!
thats exactly why i am a democrat its not up to the government to make sure we keep the torah its for our rabbis

shpitzle the is NO right way to be gay according to torah you should NOT act on your gayness just fight it because gay is EVIL and SICK thats what hashem says you cannot disagree

heimishinbrooklyn said...

Y.Y. This is really stupid. You can't figh gay or outgrow it. I know someone that was married to a guy that was gay. He thought the feeling will go away if he gets married. Unfortunately that is not the case. Many rabbanim will tell their students to marry and throw away those feelings. I believe it is the wrong way to handle such a situation. It's a recipe for disaster!

Anonymous said...

Where is JBF's opinion in all this gay politics?

Begreatfull said...

Speaking of the gay issue Did anyone ever watch this documantry

Its about gay and lesbians in the jewish communities

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

JayKay, I think I'm doing that all my life. I pay taxes while my neighbor is dressing her children in the latest Magils, enjoying the big rebate Uncle Sam sent her. I binge on every item I buy in the grocery while the foodstamps fellas walk around with overflowing carts. I shell out hundreds on copays while the Medicaid folks bring the entire family to the doctor daily. How much masser can one give?
I don't enjoy the Headstart program. I don't enjoy section 8. I don't enjoy many benefits the low income benefit from. I'm an American and a chassid and the two don't have to contradict.
Isn’t that the point in elections? We all vote and whatever side the ‘rabim’ is on wins. If my opinion is against the ‘rabim’s’ then I probably won’t win… Even if I paid four times the amount in taxes...

Hoezen, very good point but people that are attracted to children are mostly ALSO attracted to women. Gay folks are ONLY attracted to men.

YY Do you suggest those people should simply live a married life. I guess that's their only option. I feel sorry for them.

Y.Y. said...

yes the will have a misreable life however if they refrain from sinning they will have gan eden
thats what life is all about not going after your desires and needs and putting hashem first
living in the usa makes it hard to put hashem first but a yid needs too thats the purpose in life

Y.Y. said...

just as a smoker can stop smoking on shabbos because its shabbos so too a gay guy should be able to refrain from acting out

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

YY - You are so the new Rebbe of this blog. All those lectures!

Hoezentragerin said...

"but people that are attracted to children are mostly ALSO attracted to women"

Where do you take that from?
And how about the pedophile who is attracted to young boys only?

Y.Y. said...

im done talking about politics and gays till the 2008 elections lol

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

YY - oh, c'mon. It's nice to see you all worked up!

Hoezen - I hate putting assumptions in a fact format. But I don't think pedophils want young boys/girls as their lifetime partner.

Anonymous said...

the reason I think why gay people are being discriminated against is because of their Religious belief's they where brought up with.

for the life of me I don't get why people say being gay is a choice, maybe some people will choose to participate in gay sex for pleasure or experimenting, I don't see how someone would wake up one day and say Today i want to be discriminated against, hated, rejected and maybe even killed so let me go join the gay team, not only that I will get so much love & acceptance from my family and friends why would I not want to choose it? so why in heavens name would you call being gay A choice?

Anonymous said...

i meant to say gay people are being discriminated against because of others who where brought up with a religious beliefs that forbids homosexuality.

Anonymous said...

shpizel, who says many gay people, even people in general ae looking for lifetime partners?
Remember Eliz. Smart? There are pervs out there who are looking for that too (except the kids grow up after a few years)
and even if these pervs do want life- time partners, you wouldnt know it cause for obvious reasons they wont have them.

heimishinbrooklyn said...

I think most people are born that way and really would change it if they could, but I personally believe that many are gay by choice. Meaning, they tried both lifestyles and liked being gay. It makes you different. A big part of the world is very accepting of gay people nowadays. That's a big reason why many are gay by choice.

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

Well, I'm talking about the decent ones. Those that want a 'marriage' and family with another man.

Anonymous said...

YY, zokenband, and hoisen

your all getting invoved in being or not being gay and that was not my intend i am asking from our jewish standpoint that doing a gay act is a sin do we need to be vocal about it and in the process let our kids get exposure or is it better to shove it under the rug.

jaykay- you fit your age as the saying goes a 20 year old has no brains but a lot of hot blood usually is a conservative
a 40 year-old is a more settled man and actually does more thinking then acting is a liberal

the problom is that last night the democrats were not olny thinking the ..went to vote too

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...


This post was intended for politics. You brought up gay. So we started at square one. How do we feel about the gays themselves? If we feel sorry for them we're gonna let them protest.

And if the conversation is going off your route, you can still get involved. Do you think there is a solution for a gay man?

Your comment to JayKay is rediculous. In fact, the democrats have more votes in the 20 year old sector.

Anonymous said...


sorry for changing the subject but it was in the news of the day so i brought it up here.

i have seen some of your firebrand statistics on subjects that have no hent in feesz i guess you have your own shpitzel polling org.

Anonymous said...


Do you think there is a solution for a gay man?

i do not think. we were comanded not to do it and thats it closed case there. i understand that for someone that always kept shabbos its easier then the baal tshuva same thing here some have no desire for being gay some have very strong feelings if you know its just not allowed just like stealing that is not allowed it becomes a non issue.

I hope i make sense lol

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

No hent or feese, chuchim, hu?

like what?

Bechlal, a shpitzle is just that. a head. no other organs.

Anonymous said...

leible, are you gay? give it up.

Anonymous said...

Shpitzle- You talk about Hollywood,politics, gay issues, pedophiles. Where do you get your dirty education from? internet? Or is it the behaltana kestal?

Anonymous said...
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Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

Leible you can't just throw out an accusation without giving me a chance to prove you wrong.

Anonymous said...

Funny how every time the word gay is mentioned on any blog jonah's web comes around and tries to brainwash like jews for jesus.

Anonymous said...


prove it already dont just throw out facts made up at the shpitzel center for shtrimp-zoken

but this was great and the posik chochmas nushim bonsu bayis proves again its validity. here is the story at the supper table tonight my wife innocently started telling me about a phone call of a protest about the gay issue. I look at her in utter shock as my children pipe up what protest saying they also heard about something in eretz yisroel and my son even knows to tell me that Kol mevaser has the news about it.

and my wife (zul zee zein gebentsht)tells then in a very non- of- a-matter way Oh' there is a fashon show on nisht tzniesdige people and the rabunim are comming out to protest. I thought this as a clever way of saying the truth while hidding the whole truth.

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

Leible, very kluge yidene you got. I don't know why the gay parade was not served on my supper table. Ah well, if it's on the menu tomorrow I'll at least know what to answer the kids...

I'm not sure what you want me to prove, but here's one. It's to support my claim that Clinton won't win the presidential nomination.

I can try to support anything else I say with proof, except my gender... Most readers have the biggest problem believing that. G-d knows why.

Anonymous said...

OMG! 97 comments? YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!

Some (more then you can imagine) people deal with very real experiences directly related to sexual orientation such as the complexities of starting a family, marriage, etc., and make us markedly different than our heterosexual counterparts. I’m drawn to explore those fundamental differences and the circumstances and consequences we find ourselves dealing with as a product of those differences.”

Hasid_Letz said...

"And what if he is attracted to young children? Should he go on and marry a grown woman despite his feelings?
Is being pedophile a choice"

I'm not impressed. Pedophilia harms an innocent child. Who's harmed by consensual gay relationships?

Hoezentragerin said...

"I'm not impressed. Pedophilia harms an innocent child. Who's harmed by consensual gay relationships?"

Hasid L,
Did I mention here my position on gay marriage or relationships?
I was not equating the two from a moral standpoint.

All I'm saying is, that the excuse, "I was born that way and therefore I have no choice," can be refuted.

Hasid_Letz said...

"I was not equating the two from a moral standpoint.

"All I'm saying is, that the excuse, "I was born that way and therefore I have no choice," can be refuted."

I don't think Mrs. Shtrimpkind's comment was an empty excuse the way you suggest. As a society in which unmarried people face an existential crisis, we are, at least in part, morally responsible for the unfaithful life a gay man who marries a woman would lead. We gave him no other choice. And from that POV, the question "Wouldn't that set him up for an unfaithful lifestyle?" is quite pertinent.