Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Click: BHB, Golden Handcuffs

Baal HaBoss returned. Oh, well, oh, well. I actually wasn't an active follower but I predicted he would return. (Just when I removed his link!) An on again/off again relationship usually means an intensity that gets too much. He seems to love standing center stage until the pressure mounts high enough. He suddenly yearns to get away from it all it all, then that nasty craving for attention wakes again. A lot like me actually.

His analogy is obvious and overused. The post is refreshing nonetheless. He seems to feel like he has to explain his ‘staying’ instead of ‘leaving’. That's entirely self explanatory to anyone on the inside and unexplainable to anyone from the outside. If you want to write something original and moving dwell on the nimshul and the struggle. Don’t apologize.


Velvel Chusid said...

looks like HR is back at least for a while.& there is new life in other Chasidic blogs too.

I once thought that some day HR will be called our George Washington. not sure about your future title though ;).

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

It seems there's active blogging but very little, almost no, discussion. Blogging is a two teir enterprise. Posting and Commenting. There's been none of the latter and thus, no interest really.

Where is everyone on the blogs? Just overwritten posts and two fools eating kugel inside. Or am I confusing the other blogs with mine?

Velvel Chusid said...

it's my sense that all our bloggers have their self promoting in mind. and the people smell it. I am awaiting a blogger whose agenda should be the people , and how to improve the situation. do you think?

Baal Habos said...

>Baal HaBoss returned. Oh, well, oh, well. I actually wasn't an active follower

Then how do you know he returned?

Analogy overused? Baloney. The analogy was so good that a commenter actually did not even get that it was a moshol.

Anyhow, how's life and why did you stop posting?