Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Talking Points

Following are some subjects that are yet to be transformed into posts. That is, if my interest doesn't sizzle. Knowing myself I'm afraid the echo I'll get back after publishing a post will dampen my enthusiasm into oblivion. Well, anyway, here goes:

-Mothering and Indoctrinating

-Love Thy Fundie Husband

-Kissing Blogs and No Queens

-The Mystery of (Complete Stupidity and) Brainwash

-The Grazing Herd: Chassidic Black Sheeps Online

-Cowardism Chizzuk for the Critic. A how to guide for the sensitive soul like myself.

-Family Ties, Baggage

-Toby Grunburg and The Brave Ruffle (a true story)

-Both worlds. The Second One Found & How it's a Death Sentence.

-Alter Egoless: Being a Blogger.

-The Shtible. Why I'm Not a Learner.

-What makes Us Tick? Rebuffing the Stereotype

-Culture and beliefs/Culture or beliefs. Seperatable

-Conformity; Identity Theft.

-Political Anxiety. The Delusional Donkey that Thought She's an Elephant

-Skeptic Recruit, Sir. 100 Steps (and 4000 books) to Becoming a Skeptic Member.



Velvel Chusid said...

Some of this sounds like Kabalah to me.

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

What's wrong with kabalah?