Sunday, October 14, 2007

KJ Wins a Loss – Again

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The court ruled on Friday in favor of Orange County, accepting the county's request that KJ continue to study the environmental impact of its growth before the village can build the controversial water pipeline.

It’s becoming a predictable pattern. KJ’s development gets blocked by the neighbors, the battle gets dragged to court, the court rules in favor of their ‘enemies’, and the Village follows the ruling with a press conference where the Clerk, Mr. Szegedin, declares that the verdict is actually no problemo because he can still find a way to cut the line and avoid the full required procedure.

Says Szegedin “"The level of scrutiny and level of oversight is totally limited to the Village of Kiryas Joel trustees. There is no other forum for anybody to raise any other issues."

You can hear him laugh all the way through the paper structures we call home in this primitive place; the echo of his own high-five, as he declares that he once again outsmarted the system. After years of fighting against redoing the environmental review, he is now more than happy to do it! He’ll just brush it off in a few short weeks and get over with it. The results of the review are not even a matter in the equation. He just needed a way to get passed this hurdle and he has found it by approving the revised review only with his own board of trustees. Ha-ha to him! S'eiz ozoy git!

I wish the village officials would wake up and realize that legal requirements are not little pesky obstacles to move aside but important issues that need to be treated seriously. THe administration has to start reading into the requirements themselves, not the messengers that impose it. I’m sick of the the-world-is-my-enemy attitude we derive from the concept ‘eisuv sonah liyakov’. We are excusing ourselves from handling our mistakes by shifting the blame to the broad shoulders of anti-semitism. KJ is a delusional town shooting
in self defense at unarmed neighbors. Wake up Mr. Szegedin and stop the bloody murder!

There's not much hope for a change so long as the Weider administration continues with their self-destructive strategies. My hope is that the voters will raise the bar by expecting more of its politicians and elect according to performance. KJ should know better when it comes to getting the most from its government.



Velvel Chusid said...

The Weider administration have demonstrated in the past their ability to go around the system, even when the US Supreme Court ruled with the 'enemies' in the School District case, a new law was created in NYS to rescue the holy KJ Public School.

such an amount of power should not necessarily be a bad thing if it would be fully shared with the people putting them in power, which is not the case unfortunately. The question for me is if any other Village administration made op of our own people would be any different? The answer I'm afraid is no.

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

You're being very cynical. We can't let one evil live because we'll probably have another. Logically, we should be able to hold our political leaders responisible. While entirely clueless and unquestioning in the rabbinical arena, most people are very preceptive of politics. When the elections in KJ will stop being a rabbinical partyline asset, there might be a real new approach to it all.

Am I being too optimistic again?

Product said...

I think the fad past.
God has new styles emerging every season.