Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Period. Beginning of Sentence.

I have finally gathered the courage to close this blog. Yes, it naturally withered and died a long time ago, but I just couldn’t let go. Maybe it’s my inability to look back. I think I’m more comfortable pretending this site of mine never was rather than facing it for closure. Or maybe it’s those fifteen minutes of fame I’m clinging to. Either way, it was an extremely rewarding experience, eh, at the cost of some personal humiliation. It’s time to get over that.

Blogging changed my life in too many ways to number. That’s cliché of course, but it is still an amazing truth. The fact that something as powerful as the web community is available to a people as powerless as the Chassidic community is all the more extraordinary with every next saucer-eyed chassid’l that declares that it changed a life.

With the transformations in me came a rush of many thoughts that begged to be given voice. I’m thinking/hoping to do some routine posting on this blog to expresss them. Routine, spontaneous, or just the piping up of a long forgotten pitch; whatever. What’s important here is that I have a lot to say and the urge to do so. This won’t be about entertaining others in an act long not funny. Oh, I’ve done my gig, I’ve learnt my lesson. This also won’t be about conforming to what people want to hear (or, unfortunately, how they want me to spell it). I will just relay my thoughts, especially those I feel passionate about.

I might, as I go along, invite a friend or two I’ve had the pleasure to know anonymously, maybe even a husband I got to know anonymously. Not immediately though. When I prioritize I see blog commentary as the lesser important between that and honest writing --- not because I don't love zaftigeh shmoos; I do. Rather because I'll probably end up forming my writing through comment influence instead expressing my individual thoughts. That would defeat the purpose entirely. I wish to create a place where I can opine about anything and everything that might affect a stray apple, without holding back. I do, really, love the written word when it articulates a raw thought. I should add that it is not my intent tobe frisked for a gender ever again. Neither would I have my pockets be felt up for ID. This would be about the topic of the discussion, not the members thereof. If such a place can only be achieved with no more than one member, then that’s what it takes. A discussion of one member it’ll be. One member. That's a one whole member. Gather around everybody!

Well, let(s) chear up. Here, to new beginnings!



Velvel Chusid said...

Hey, welcome back! Thanks so much for the invitation. have you prepared some over-night Kugel to serve your guests with?

Shpitzle Shtrimpkind said...

Looks like someone's feeling very heimish.

Velvel Chusid said...

Vi zugt de velt: "Klener der oeilem greser de simch"! Nu zol zein mit Mazal.